There are 99 counties in Iowa.

80 of them place their coverage through us.

(Let us explain how, and why)


What is CRMS?

County Risk Management Services, Inc., represents the Iowa Communities Assurance Pool (ICAP) and the Iowa Municipalities Workers' Compensation Association (IMWCA), the two largest municipal risk-sharing pools in the state, exclusively to Iowa counties.  We work with county officials and their local insurance agents to help ensure Iowa counties have access to the coverages and resources they need to help prevent and respond to loss.

Coverage through ICAP and IMWCA is generally more affordable, responsive and accommodating than coverages placed through the standard insurance market.  Both programs operate in the fashion of group self-insurance, which means, with ICAP and IMWCA, your county is never alone.


We work with the counties shown here


CRMS Presents: The State of Governmental Pooling in Iowa


In the years since the 1970s, when they emerged, municipal risk-sharing pools have become a stablizing force for counties. This is especially true in Iowa, where 90 of the 99 counties, and nearly 1,000 other public entities, participate in municipal risk-sharing pools, most notably the Iowa Communities Assurance Pool (ICAP) and the Iowa Municipalities Workers’ Compensation Association.

Given their prevalence and impact on the state, it is not only important, but essential, local insurance agents be educated and informed on governmental risk-sharing pools and their exclusive offerings.

Through the presentations offered during this course, we intend to do just that. By offering in-depth reviews of pool financials; discussions of loss control and member services; and highlights of coverages exclusive to Iowa-based pools, we will help attending agents understand the importance and impact of municipal risk-sharing pools in the state.

Participating agents will also learn their respective county’s experience mod factor, as well as its 10-year loss history. Together, these will help prepare agents for a smooth, efficient renewal process with IMWCA.

To accommodate and better serve agents throughout the state, CRMS is offering two separate sessions of this event:

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Risk-sharing pools have surpassed commercial insurance for public entities because they demonstrate effective government collaboration.


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